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Welcome to:
Next-Level Garments
We are a clothing manufacturer in east China. We started this company in 2007. We are supplying customers worldwide. Our specialty are Streetwear and Sportswear apparel. We are dedicated to quality rather to quantity. We help our customers starting from development/sampling to the finished production processes.

Clothing and advertising products
Our main business is clothing production. We are experts for both, knitted and woven apparel. Additionally we have built a department for advertising products. Since fashion and advertisement go hand in hand we also offer solutions for packaging, printed paper and plastic products up to metal engraved plates. Just feel free to inquire anytime.

Our Customers:
Quality streetwear and sportswear brands
During our time as manufacturers we have accompanied many streetwear and sportswear brands. Here it is very important that all the fine details are well specified. Communication is the key. The more the attention to the specifications the better the results.

Start from here:
To start the process we need to sample your product first. We have a whole department dedicated to sampling. We offer prototype samples, sales samples and size sets.
The main couse:
Once a style goes into production every step must be confirmed. The steps are cutting, printing/embroidery, then sewing, washing, checkup and packing.

Our mission:
See our customers win
Most important for us is that our customers are successful. We are planning long term partnerships. It is very important to be always clear about the direction in which the brand is going. What possibilities are available to improve quality and sustainability. What are the latest technical innovations? We are prepared for the future of our industry.

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